Deligios Syrup maker with STEVIA

  • The specialist in syrup making for Lebanese desserts, konafa and jams.
  • 500g of Deligios Syrup maker eith Stevia sweetens like 1 kg of sugar.
  • Exclusively from natural based sweeteners.

Tabletop crystalline sweetener from the Stevia leaf.

Why we recommend Stevia

We have all read the recommendations from scientists and official bodies like the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggesting we limit our sugar intake. Yes, sugar gives us a rush of energy and pleasure, but it’s short lived and leaves us craving more sweets or products containing even more sugar.

We therefore started looking for alternatives to sugar. To this end stevia was “discovered” and adopted as a sugar substitute that doesn’t leave you wanting for sweetness. We put the word “discovered” in quotes because stevia has existed and been consumed for centuries in Latin America and, more recently, for the last 40 years in Japan (which is known for its high standards in specialty foods).

Who is Deligios Syrup Maker with Stevia for?

Those who want to eat a balanced diet without compromising on taste.
Those who understand the importance of a healthy diet, but don’t have time to radically and quickly change their eating habits.
Those who like eating sweets with less calories and sugars.
Those who prefer eating food with low glycemic index.

Tasty Lebanese sweets with sweetener from the Stevia leaf

We can now make delicious lebanese sweets like baklava and konafa without using sugar. Deligios Syrup maker is also suitable for fruit jams.

Deligios Syrup Maker with STEVIA is available in 2 practical packages


Syrup Maker with Stevia 360g

Syrup Maker with Stevia 1300g

Nutrition facts >>

Typical Values
Per 100g
Per serving (2.5g)
%RI* per serving
1531kJ / 366kcal
38kJ / 9kcal
0.0 g
0.0 g
of which saturates
0.0 g
0.0 g
96.2 g
2.4 g
of which sugars
90.2 g
2.26 g
3.5 g
0.09 g
0.0 g
0.0 g
<0.01 g
0.00 g

* *Reference Intake for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).

Ingredients: Fructose, erythritol, fibre, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide, steviol glycosides (extract from the stevia leaf)